From Vermont to the Great Basin, Vol. 1 & 2

  Changes Since Books Were Published   Vol. 1:   Page 25: (Wilton) Brigham Young’s grandson was erroneously identified as Moroni rather than Mahonri.   Kirtland P. 97:   On 5 May 2024, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced it had purchased the Kirtland Temple and its adjacent visitors’ center from the Community of Christ.   After a brief period of transition, the temple opened to the public on 25 March 2024.   For now, the only noticeable change is that there is no fee to tour the site and the tours are conducted by missionaries from the Church. P. 104:   Remodeling of the Joseph & Emma Smith Home in Kirtland began in 2022.   It was revamped to appear as it would have in the 1830s.   It was dedicated by Elder David A. Bednar on 26 August 2023 and is open for tours. P. 106: The William & Phebe Miller Home was included in the purchase made by the Church.   It remains a private residence.   Vol. 2:   Nauvoo On 5 March 2024, the C